Homa suddenly had a day off from golf after Hideki Matsuyama withdrew.

Max Homa’s record was already 2–0 in the WGC-Dell Match Play when his final group stage opponent, Hideki Matsuyama, withdrew with a neck injury before the match even started. 

While unfortunate for Matsuyama, the withdrawal meant that Homa was advancing to the Round of 16 at Austin Country Club with a 3–0 record—and he suddenly had a day off from golf. 

Soon after the news broke, Homa took to Twitter to address the circumstances, and being the social media guru that he is, he couldn’t go without making a quick lighthearted joke. 

“Just another bogey free day,” Homa wrote. 

Homa’s tongue-in-cheek line about his nonexistent round immediately went viral on social media. The six-time PGA Tour winner also replied to his own tweet to acknowledge Matsuyama, and the additional comment didn’t go unnoticed. 

“In all seriousness, this isn’t the way I wanted to make it through. I hope Hideki feels better soon. Golf is better when he’s playing well,” Homa added. 

Homa also briefly spoke to the media following the news of Matsuyama’s withdrawal and discussed his plans for Friday, which no longer involved playing a round of golf. The Cal Berkley product disclosed that a short practice session and a potential date with his wife, Lacey, might be in the cards for his unexpected day off. 

“I think I'm just going to go through like a light practice today and I might actually take my wife on a date,” Homa said. “We haven't gotten to hang out much because of having a kid and all the golf, so maybe I'll go get us some lunch and watch a little bit of golf, but probably go through like a light practice day and be as fresh as I can for tomorrow.”

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