Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer renewed their rivalry in a Busted Open match at Sacrifice on March 24. The extreme veterans are no spring chickens, so they relied on the ridiculous to put on a fun show. Bully cheated Dreamer, powerbombed an NHL hockey player through a table, and had one of his goons be victim to a Canadian Destroyer from Scott D’Amore. So much chaos, and it was glorious.

The Busted Open match was a First Blood concept with all weapons legal. The first man to bust his opponent open to bleed was supposed to be declared the winner. Of course, Bully found a way to cheat the rules.

Dreamer held a cheese grater while running wild with boogie woogie elbows. Dreamer accidentally collided into the referee. That didn’t stop Dreamer from continuing his attack on Bully. He managed to clock Bully with the grater, and Bully tumbled out of the ring. When Bully rose, he was bleeding from the forehead. That should have earned the win. Unfortunately for Dreamer, the referee was out cold.

The fighting resumed with Bully throwing thumbtacks in Dreamer’s face. Dreamer gained the edge again to grind the grater on Bully’s head. Bully went low emotionally by guilting Dreamer about showing this violent side to his daughters on TV. Dreamer relented, then Bully went low physically for a groin shot. What a scumbag.

Bully was aided by his goons, John Skyler and Jason Hotch, to bust Dreamer open. Hotch rolled Dreamer into the ring, while Bully hid under a towel. The referee finally woke up and saw Dreamer’s blood to award the victory to Bully.

That was a fun nostalgia fight between the hardcore legends, but the excitement was just heating up.

During the contest, Bully threw a beer into the face of NHL hockey player Darren McCarty of the Detroit Red Wings. McCarty was known as an enforcer during his career. After the match, Bully wanted to powerbomb Dreamer through a table. McCarty saw enough and hopped the guardrail. Security intervened to restrain McCarty. Bully waved them off and challenged McCarty to get in the ring.

A hockey fight erupted. The numbers game piled on McCarty, and Bully powerbombed him through a table.

This segment didn’t end there. No, no, no. Scott D’Amore made his return to Impact after recovering from a Bully beatdown. D’Amore brought reinforcements in the form of Impact babyfaces to rush the ring. Bully bailed to safety. Hotch tried for a sneak attack on D’Amore, but the Impact head honcho flipped the script for a Canadian Destroyer. D’Amore’s hometown crowd in Windsor, Ontario went wild with excitement.

What was your favorite moment of all that chaos?

Sacrifice is available for streaming through IMPACT Plus, YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders, and Fite TV.

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