The Broncos may be just getting ready for something huge.

There isn't a team in free agency that has been more active than the Denver Broncos, whether it be signing some players, or potentially looking to trade others. Their recent signing could have something to do with what the team has been doing over the last week and a half.

Per Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Broncos have signed former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marquez Callaway, who will be reuniting with Sean Payton for the 2023 season.

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In a way, it feels like we are getting an expansion team called the Denver Saints.

But this move could have multiple meanings, especially when you factor in everything the team has been doing, or even rumored to do as of late.

The Broncos have been reported as a team that is shopping both Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton. That doesn't mean they will trade the two, and that doesn't mean they won't. It simply means the Broncos ate wanting to know what the two players may be worth in the trade market, but, things could happen. Multiple people have reported their asking prices for Jeudy and Sutton but both are too high.

This move could have something to do with the potential of getting rid of one of those guys. Callaway is an outside guy, as are Sutton, Patrick, and Jeudy. The room is getting full, and moves could be made.

Plus, the Broncos currently have yet another injury situation with K.J. Hamler, and this could be a backup pan for that.

Callaway led the Saints in receiving yards in 2021 with just under 700 yards. But, that season was a bit of an anomaly as the Saints had several guys injured, and Callaway was the only one who seemed to be healthy as he played all 17 games.

Last year he didn't have a great year. In fact, he had a huge drop issue. Per Pro Football Focus, Callaway had an 11.1% drop percentage, the highest of his career so far.

The Broncos haven't made a somewhat big move to their wide receiver room in a while. The last few years it has really been the same guys with little to no success. 2020 was the last time they had a different guy be in the top four of receiving yards in the receiver room and that was DeSean Hamilton. Since then it has been Jeudy, Sutton, Patrick, and Hamler every year.

In the last few years, the Broncos' top-four guys going into the season have been Jeudy, Sutton, Patrick, and Hamler. Maybe this move is because they wanted to change some things up.

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