There have been rumors circulating around the Arizona Cardinals potentially trading star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for quite some time now. While it is far from certain that they will ultimately trade him, their reported asking price in a potential trade for him has been revealed.

Hopkins still has two years left on his contract with the Cardinals and is owed a pretty penny by the organization. He will be paid $34.3 million combined for the next two seasons.

Despite this, the Cardinals are still asking for quite a bit in return for the ten-year NFL veteran. According to Albert Breer of NBC Sports Boston, the Cardinals are asking for a second-round pick and “something else of value”.

“The ask is similar to what the Texans got for DeAndre Hopkins—a second-rounder plus something else of value,” wrote Breer on Friday.

While Hopkins is still a fantastic player, there are certainly more questions about his NFL future than when the Texans traded him to Arizona in the 2020 offseason.

He has notably missed 17 games over the last two years. Six of those games came due to a PED suspension to begin the year last season.

Wide receiver is also a position where players can quickly deteriorate, and Hopkins certainly has a lot of miles on his legs at 31 years old.

Thus far it appears as though the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots are amongst the top suitors for DeAndre Hopkins. However, both teams could and maybe should have concerns about matching this high asking price for an aging star like Hopkins.

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