The Indianapolis 500 is set to take place live from Indy next weekend, airing on NBC Sports.

NBC announced its broadcasting team for the historic race earlier this week, with Mike Tirico and Danica Patrick on the call leading up to the race.

"Host Mike Tirico and studio analyst Danica Patrick return to NBC Sports’ Indianapolis 500 coverage for the sixth consecutive year, contributing to pre-race, in-race, and post-race coverage. One of the most versatile voices in sports, Tirico will be the primetime host of NBCUniversal’s coverage of this summer’s Paris Olympics and is the play-by-play voice of Sunday Night Football among other assignments. Patrick, one of motorsports’ most popular personalities, is a former INDYCAR and NASCAR driver who became the first woman to lead laps and earn a top-five finish in the Indianapolis 500 in 2005 and boasts six career to-ten finishes in the event," NBC announced this week.

Not everyone is happy, though.

"NOOOOOO," one fan wrote.

"Yet again forced to listen to D*nica's wack comments and remember that she is a conspiracy theorist and an overall hateful person. Bleh," one fan added.

"That's a shame about Danica," another fan wrote.

"Great lineup except for the toxic addition of Danica. No one wants to listen to her," another fan wrote.

Patrick, a trailblazing driver in IndyCar and NASCAR, is certainly a polarizing figure in the racing world these days.

Will you be excited to watch her next weekend?

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