Kansas has been in command early against Arkansas in the Round of 32. That being said, the defending champions may have just lost one of their starters. 

During the final minutes of the first half, Kansas guard Dajuan Harris Jr. suffered an ankle injury

After contesting a shot on defense, Harris stepped on a photographer's foot. That awkward landing causes his right ankle to turn. 

Harris needed a few moments to collect himself before walking gingerly to the locker room.  

If Harris is unable to return to this game, that'd be a huge blow to the Jayhawks. Not only is he an experienced guard, he's a savvy playmaker who makes 40.3 percent of his attempts from beyond the arc.

Harris had four points, four assists and three rebounds before going down with an injury. 

The broadcast crew for CBS Sports should have an update on Harris' status before the second half begins. 

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