The Tennessee Volunteers are headed to the Sweet 16 after defeating the Duke Blue Devils 65-52 this afternoon in the Round of 32. 

While the matchup featured plenty of exciting moments, several questionable pieces of officiating have been scrutinized by the college basketball world this afternoon. 

Specifically, Duke guard Jeremy Roach - playing with four fouls in the second half -  appeared to earn his fifth on this play. Instead, referees changed the call to a reach-in on Tyrese Proctor, allowing Roach to remain in the game. 

Then, just a few moments later, a would-be three-point play from Duke's Kyle Filipowski was ruled an offensive foul. The questionable call led to a six-point swing in the Volunteers' favor as Tennessee nailed a three-pointer on its ensuing possession. 

While Duke fans may have qualms with the officiating in today's game, the blame likely should be placed on the Blue Devils' offense. Duke's 52 points scored this Saturday tied a program-low in the NCAA Tournament. 

Still, fans from across the college basketball community have chimed in to share opinions on the questionable officiating this afternoon. 

"If I worked for the NCAA or had ever been a referee I would apologize for the first half of this Tennessee/Duke game," John writes.  

"Tennessee doing a good job of finding room in the paint, Duke looking for an answer. Referees still look for an award," Trey said

"What a horrible swing for Duke right there. Clear and obvious blocking foul, blatantly obvious even, but of course, since it’s college basketball, referee calls a charge, Tennessee comes down and hits a three. That’s today’s game in a microcosm right there," Dave tweeted. 

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