Every NCAA Tournament is full of magical upsets, wild finishes, and the creation of new memes that will sustain the college basketball world in the years ahead.

Utah State cheerleader Ashlyn Whimpey joined Villanova’s crying piccolo girl and Crying Adam Morrison in the annals of “March Sadness” meme lore during a first-round loss by her Aggies to Missouri.

Whimpey was seen crying on the sidelines in the final moments of the game and a meme was born.

A senior at Utah State, Whimpey, took to social media to acknowledge the moment and poke fun at herself after cameras captured her crying on Thursday.

On her TikTok page, the cheerleader shared the video, as well as some headlines that were generated because of it, with the caption “That one time when I was sad to cheer at my last game. And now I’m a meme.”

Senior Aggies guard Sean Bairstow, who is reportedly in a relationship with Whimpey, reposted the video on his Instagram page, adding a caption of his own.

“As supportive as they come, congrats on such a successful 20 years of cheer @ashwhimp,” Bairstow wrote.

Their time on the court at Utah State is over, but the memes will live on forever. For better or worse.

[NY Post, Image via Bleacher Report]

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